Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brunch at the Farm

This past weekend we celebrated Grammy's birthday at the farm on Sunday for brunch. I might be a snob and opposite of many people due to the amount of traveling I do for work, but there is no way you can get as good of a meal at a restaurant as you can from your own kitchen especially if that kitchen includes my mom's. When we planned to have brunch we tried to consider what everyone in the family would like or try...our menu was as follows below.

Breakfast Casserole - mom makes her with sausage, hash browns and lots of cheese

Spiral Cut Ham kept warm in a crock pot


Fresh Fruit

Homemade Banana Bread

French Toast Muffins - I pulled this recipe of Pinterest (you can follow my Pinterest Account by clicking here. The recipe was very good though it came from a great blog called Baked Perfection but I had to make some of my own modifications to it by adding a teaspoon of vanilla and a teaspoon of cinnamon to the muffin batter and I used 2 eggs and a 1/4 cup of milk in the topping mixture because mine wasn't all moist. They were awesome and could be eaten with just butter or with butter and syrup both.

IHop Corn Cakes - I blogged about them on January 23rd

My first time making corn cakes and using a griddle, see the granola that is sprinkled in!

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