Tuesday, May 15, 2012

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! What does today mean, well honestly not a whole lot and it isn't as big of a day as I am sure Toll House wishes it would be because I didn't even know it was NCCCD (because I am so intimate with it I feel like I can use the acronym, I'm sure it will catch on in like 15 years or so) until about 4:30 when Michelle a co-worker found the information on Twitter.

*side-note* I really need to learn more about Twitter and how to Tweet, maybe that will be a summer project for me...Tweet every day...but then again maybe not...

So I promised the office I'd make chocolate chip cookies in honor
or remembrance of NCCCD since we will be a day late. But I am also going to support the dairy industry by serving milk with these cookies...but I guess I was already supporting them by using real butter, and wheat farmers, sugar beet producers, egg producers, and cacao producers. Wow that is a lot of agriculture in one little cookie.

Here is the recipe I used, I am a Ghirardelli girl. I use a Pampered Chef baking stone to bake my cookies, my stone is very seasoned but the only downfall is I only have one stone and I have to let it cool between batches not to over crisp the bottoms. And my special ingredient is to add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the dry ingredients.
Here is a photo of my little goodies! Please disregard my towel towel thrown on the counter and bowl of garlic bulbs...but I can't imagine ever baking without my KitchenAid!

I've been blogging from my I-Pad so I don't have all my features, sorry folks!

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