Friday, May 11, 2012

Wooden Signs

I love the Junk Gypsies, they are talented and crazy and can totally make junk look awesome. I'm sure it has taken many year of practice, tears, worry and plenty of alcohol to make it all happen but they are really making it big with their new HGTV series that debut last week. Check out their show info here.

I'm pretty certain that me and my friend Christy could be their Junk cousins even though we aren't related to them because if given the time, opportunity and money I think we could put together some pretty awesome ensembles, but alas we have jobs and families and hobbies. But I do have to show this off to awesome friend made me a sign as she put it 'for her favorite blogger'. I've hung it above my book case that I turned into a wine, wine glass and cookbook storage cabinet. Yes I have enough of all of that to fill this cabinet. I found this great burlap ribbon at Wal-Mart and that is what the sign is suspended from. Yes it is off-centered so please do not adjust your TV set!

The rest of my decor is a little different...cookbooks that won't fit in the cabinet on the far left side, some of my cupcake items, sugar cookie cutters on a jewelry tree with a crown on top of it from Jennie, horseshoe wine rack hand made by my dad, wine holder from my friend Sara, awesome cow plate and a Vera Bradley apron holder that I put all my wine bottle stoppers in. The plate on the wall also came from Christy and the cross from a farm show in Nebraska.

Not a typical post but I was so excited about my sign I had to post about it!!! Thanks again Chris!

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