Friday, July 6, 2012

England – We Ate This

While in England we were in Lincoln which is an average sized city that has a lot of restaurant options, but as I mentioned above we ate Thai food and Italian food while I was there so I don’t have a lot of restaurants that I can recommend, but I do have a few things off some menus that I’ll share.

Just around the corner from our hotel was a pub called the Horse and Groom. Appropriate that I picked this out for us to eat our first night in Lincoln. This was a nicer pub with good pub food. As I was trying not to eat too unhealthy instead of getting fish and chips I got ham and egg with chips. The ham was thick cut juicy ham and the egg was just barely runny, it was a nice change from greasy fried fish.
In case anyone was wondering I didn't eat the peas.

At the tradeshow the first day I did splurge on calories and got a blue cheese and steak pasty. Cornish pasty’s were created for coal workers so when they couldn’t wash their hands they could hold onto the thick crust and eat the pie out without getting their dirty hands on their food. I personally like the crust so I made sure I washed my hands so I could eat it all.
Cornish Pasty!!!

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