Sunday, July 1, 2012

Onions on the Grill

I mentioned a month or so ago about an awesome and easy onion recipe that I made during Jake’s birthday party to pair with the Sam’s Club Brisket. We made them again a few weeks later at a roping and this time I paired it with a grilled whole pork loin that I had marinated all day and there were also hot dogs and brats. Now when we are cooking at the ropings we are using a little Holland Grill that some people don’t like because they don’t think it gets hot enough but I have been able to make grilled pork loin, these onions and a variety of other grilled items on this grill. We really like it. Anyway now that that Holland Grill commercial is out of the way back to the onions.

Start by getting out two pieces of aluminum foil that are approximately the same length as the width. I use two to prevent burning on the bottom of the onion. Next prep you onion, take off the outer skin layer but only the part you wouldn’t eat and core the middle out. I core about a quarter size hole in mine so I can get more good stuff in there. Now is the fun part, you can put absolutely anything in there that your heart desires. We like to use Vidalia onions that are a little on the sweeter side so I use sweeter things in the onion hole. These onions were packed with brown sugar, then I poured some Crown Royal into the hole and topped with more brown sugar where the sugar dissolved into the whiskey then put a generous teaspoon or two on top of the onion and wrap with the foil. When you are wrapping with the foil make sure you leave a little space at the top when you roll the foil down so the butter doesn’t burn on the foil and you have some room for steam to build up. Place the onion on the grill and let it do its thing. I usually end up putting them in the back corner of the grill and pile on other things around it, meat, potatoes, other veggies, etc. I typically let them cook for 45 minutes but they can go longer, to test the onions use a pair of tongs and squeeze the onion and if they squeeze easily they are probably done.
I just open the foil up and serve directly out of the foil, if you want you can cut the onion in quarters so they are easier for people to pull up and eat. The juices from the onion, brown sugar, whiskey and butter will be in the bottom and people like to pull them up with their onions for extra flavor.
Our beautiful grilled onion! Yummy!!

Some other variations to the onion stuffing could be:

·         Brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and butter

·         Blue cheese, red wine and butter

·         Adobo sauce (and peppers if you want), cilantro, tequila and butter

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