Thursday, December 6, 2012

10th Day of Pinterest

On the 10th Day of Christmas my friends say to me…
Throw a party.

Likely won’t happen this year unless I can sneak something in but always good to have a list of ideas in case you get a hair to throw an impromptu get together or are hosting a family affair.

Roll-up Tree – So cute, so simple and I’ve seen another version that stacks the roll ups so they make a 3-D tree, the flat version would travel much easier.

Brie and Cranberry – Simple and tasty option to the traditional baked brie.

Holiday Buffet Jars – These are so simple to make and can be any color you want and would display things like nuts and candies so nicely.

Drunk Cherries – reminds me of a drunk pineapple recipe that my friend Angie makes that is a huge hit for tailgating or summer parties.

Edamame Snacks – Edamame + parmesan = tasty little snack. 

Cheese tree – So cute and who doesn’t love cheese?

Hot Crab Dip – anything baked in a bread bowl with cheese and crab I’m good with.

Burlap and lace table runner – simple, just simple and classic.

Menu Card – Such a fun way to display the menu.

Individual Veggie Cups – In French bread hollowed out with dip in the bottom…my mind is blown.

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