Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5th Day of Pinterest

On the 5th day of Pinterest people are getting ready for a party. With a lot of holiday parties happening and our office Christmas lunch happening today here are a few fun make up, nail and a hairdo idea to help get you through the party season. (Sorry in advance for the long photo streams for some of these ideas)

Glittery Gold Eye – What a pretty eye, especially with her brown eyes even though I think I can pull it off with my hazel/green eyes too.

Green Eye – I love color in eyeshadow especially when wearing muted clothing like an all-black dress to a holiday party.

Gold Leaf Nails – How fun are these?

Stained Glassed Nails – I want to do this so badly!

Holiday Pony – Fun vintage looking pony tail, simple hairdo that could take no time to throw together after work.

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