Tuesday, December 4, 2012

11th Day of Christmas

On the 11th day of Christmas my tummy said to me…

Give me something sweet and salty and decadent!

Citrus Angel Food Cake – Starting out with something light, but still sounds very tasty!

DD Marshmallows – Marshmallows on a stick dipped in chocolate and sprinkles I have done before, but I’ve never thought to start with caramel and then chocolate…oh my.

Gingerbread Bunt cakes – Gingerbread with glaze…yes.

Honey almonds – great snacking before or after dinner.

Hot Chocolate Cookies – Do I have a cookie swap to go to? These would be awesome for that!

Jelly Cookies – These are a pin request from Jake, he likes them, I’ll see if I can make them.

Lump of Coal – Hilarious. Plus you can never go wrong with Oreos.

Black and White Meringues – So pretty in a hurricane.

Microwave Caramels – Microwave and no candy thermometer…might have to try that.

Nutella Fudge – Would be good with some chopped hazelnuts added to the top!

Whiskey Caramels – So I take back my statement about the candy thermometer, I’ll use it then add Crown Royal and leave the Jack Daniels for those in Tennessee.
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