Saturday, January 28, 2012

29 days to a healthier me - DAY 26

It's Saturday and I'm planning to go to the movies with my mom and grandma. Janet Evanovich's book series about Stephanie Plum has now been turned into a movie called One for the Monday...which is also the same name as her first book. (there are now 18 books in the series!)

Everyone loves buttered popcorn at a movie and only god knows how many calories are in that oily butter substance that you pour over the top of the popcorn outside the concession area. So looking at some lighter options on snacks for the movie theater and it looks like I need to bring my big purse and some snacks inside there. Here are some great snack options for a movie or any other trip that you have planned (for example great for traveling or a road trip).

Prepop a bag of 98% fat free popcorn at home
Homemade Trail mix with raisins, almonds, coconut
Fat-free pretzels

Hope you take some time this weekend to relax and enjoy your family and/or friends!

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