Thursday, January 5, 2012

29 days to a healthier me - DAY 3

Day three, cleanse is over and time to eat some healthy, home cooked meals..starting with these tasty lettuce wraps. Now if you love PF Chang's like I do then these are a good healthy alternative and close to what you get at the restaurant, we made these last weekend and paired them with Moo Shu Vegetables which I will post on Saturday. You all know I don't like spice so I didn't go heavy on the 5 spice powder and we used ground pork instead of turkey. I'm sure that adjusts the fat and calories but I'm just not ready for ground turkey yet.

The one thing that these are missing is all the sauces. Honestly it really could use one of the sauces or some added soy sauce to provide a little more moisture and salt, but all in all very good.

5 Spice Turkey (or Pork) Lettuce Wraps


  1. Ground turkey was a big leap for me. It's not bad, but knowing it's not beef, I didn't like it as well. I used it in sloppy joes first and Jay didn't know the difference (with the right amount of tomato sauce, onions and a little chili powder...)

  2. I've gotten along with ground turkey rather well, I like spicy food though so I probably add more spices than you would enjoy.

  3. I finally used ground turkey in a meat loaf last night but it had a little beef in it as well. I told Jake up front it was turkey but not sure he would have known if I wouldn't have said anything. The texture is something I'll have to get used to but it wasn't bad. I'll post the meatloaf recipe next week!