Monday, January 2, 2012

29 days to a healthier me

So I have been trying to eat right and work out more in the past 6 weeks. Which, considering the past 6 weeks has included Thanksgiving, Christmas (3 of them if you include all the different families) and New Years and also trips to Chicago, Vegas, DC and St. Louis it has been a challenge but I was able to come in a couple pounds under my starting weight. But the funny part is that I am much better about working out when I am on the road but eat worse; then when I am at home I eat better but don't work out as much except when I meet with my trainer. So for the next 29 days I am setting a goal for myself...this is not a resolution...this is the continuation of a change I made to my life in 2010 when I set out to eat better, take care of myself, loose weight and reduce my body fat index.

Being realistic I know I am not going to get started on this until I'm back in KC on the 3rd when I'm going to start out with a 2-day cleanse. This is not a crazy liquid only diet cleanse, it has actual food with real nutrients involved so I can still function during the two days and it has foods on it that I can find at the grocery store and can be conventionally raised/grown. It is designed to reset your system which is just what I need.

From there starting on the 5th I've been collecting healthy recipes through my board on Pinterest called "don't worry, be healthy" to be able to make during my 29 days to a healthier me. If you are not on Pinterest and would like to be let me know and I'll send you an invite it is an amazing place to keep ideas.

The challenge of this 29 days is that I will be traveling a minimum of 14 days. This will make me focus on eating healthy on the road, packing healthy snacks, keeping up on my water in-take and getting into the gym even if I have to beg the hotel staff to allow me in before or after hours.

Regardless, I will post 29 healthy meals that I have collected off Pinterest to this blog throughout my 29 days, some of which I will have tried...others I will have not due to travel but I'll do my best to try them before posting them. I will also have little work outs that I have found online that I am going to try while on the road along with ones that my trainer has provided to me especially for hotel work outs.

Check back tomorrow for the cleanse I'm following.

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